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Designed alliance 

Redefine Your Success!

Welcome to the Designed alliance. Our purpose is to help you grow and flourish and provide you with a framework for lasting success!

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The Growth Hub

Up-level your capabilities within your role or in preparation for a role that you desire with World Class:
COACHING, LEADERSHIP, MINDSET, PUBLIC SPEAKING training and mentoring to increase your professional and personal growth and influence.  

Growing People

Developing Smart Leaders

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The Growth Hub

The Story of Designed alliance

Designed Alliance provide a wide range of training and awareness programs to better educate and empower the leaders of tomorrow. 


Our programs create ‘awareness through education’ and provide pathways for the ongoing development of each man and woman to become the very best version of themselves possible.  


We deliver well designed human development programs through Individual and group coaching  and professional mentoring services.  

Our team of highly trained and gifted personnel understand the challenges in today’s society, and are highly motivated and committed to equipping and empowering you to make better decisions and solve more problems.


Designed alliance is honoured to have assisted hundreds of clients reach sustainable positive growth.